Mind-Matter: Fideles (Extended Set) // David Lindmer
Bogart House - Brooklyn, NY
Clouds Journey @ Bauhaus Club
Bauhaus - L'Aquila - ITALY
Mind Matter After Party
Secret Location - Brooklyn, NYC, NY - U.S.A.


David Lindmer is a Sound Designer and Producer based in New York. Originally from London, David was brought up on an eclectic mix of electronic music which started with an obsession with The Prodigy in the early 90's and progressed to UK Garage and Indie Dance. Having always loved music from a young age, David was fascinated by the underground, and started to DJ and produce around the time of the Speed Garage movement in the mid 90's. By the mid 2000's David had immersed himself in the world techno and would frequent warehouse parties and pop up raves all over London. Captivated by the music and it's craft, he began to take a keen interest in analogue synthesis. As the years past, David continued adding to his analogue collection, before eventually relocating to New York and setting up a hybrid studio where drum machines and old school synthesizers met the latest technology in the digital domain. It's here where he strives to deliver a unique melodic soundscape of his own, developing his style into a warm and textured collage of past, present and beyond. David is one of the driving forces behind Melodic and Progressive label 'Running Clouds'. A platform where he and co-owner Andrea Vizzarro's mission is to showcase the best underground talent the techno world has to offer.