Chromia Sounds: LDN (David Lindmer, Massano, Un:said)

Saturday August 21 2021 in Aures, London
Start: 9:00 PM

The Chromia Sounds collective presents their debut event, bringing their mesmerising audio visual experience to London.

On August 21st David Lindmer, Massano and Un:said will bring their unique melodic techno sounds and hypnotic visual art to the one-of-a-kind venue, Aures London.

Aures is Europe's first fully-immersive digital art space with a heady mix of urban graffiti culture with futuristic immersive technology. The venue is situated in Leake Street aka ''Banksy Tunnel'' in a beautifully restored exposed brick arch.
Website: https://www.aures-london.com/

David Lindmer (Oddity, Running Clouds)
Massano (Afterlife, Atlant)
Un:said (Running Clouds)

Email: info@chromiasounds.com
Website: https://www.chromiasounds.com/